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Auditions Location

At its foundation as a Cultural Center, in 1948, the Ambrosianeum was hosted at the Ambrosian Library. Two years later he moved to the final site, the decagonal Rotunda designed in the sixteenth century by Pellegrino Pellegrini de Tibaldi, called “Il Pellegrini” commissioned by Cardinal Carlo Borromeo.

It was Cardinal Schuster who granted such a prestigious context to the Ambrosianeum, appreciating the lay commitment of the association, its perspectives of openness to different collaborations and interest in the great themes of contemporary society.

The interior decoration was the work of the famous Milanese architect Luigi Caccia Dominioni. Between the end of the 1980s and the beginning of the 1990s, the work began in the hall of the piano intermediate, today the Falck room, to improve its soundproofing and thus also allow the use of musical instruments.

Since the end of the nineties, the Ambrosianeum has inaugurated a substantial program of artistic and cultural events, and for this reason, the intermediate level has undergone a further series of interventions aimed at improving the quality of sound.

In 2004, the Foundation decided to show its gratitude to two great founders of the Ambrosianeum, naming the upper room to Enrico Falck and the lower one to Giuseppe Lazzati.

In 2013, the Foundation inaugurated the opening of a new hall, naming it to Giorgio Rumi, “historian of united Italy,” to remember the originality of his contribution, and confirm his official and meritorious role, destined to resist in time.

Sala Falck

Capacity: 100 seats

The upper room, dedicated to the memory of the Falck family (Senator Enrico was one of the founders of Ambrosianeum), can be reached along the short uphill ramp that connects the entrance from Via delle Ore to an access portico supported by monumental columns and surmounted by a neoclassical tympanum.

The structure preserves the original decagonal plan and a large central circular space covered with vaulted and delimited by columns, surrounded by a full perimeter ambulatory. Inside the room, there is a raised platform where there is space for the conference table, which can accommodate up to 5 speakers.

Perfect as a venue for press conferences, presentations, readings and debates, the Falck Room is also suitable for hosting musical moments: a Steinway & Sons half-tail piano is, in fact, available to guests, and the environment is perfectly soundproofed.

Also this year we have a new location for the Gala Evening and Awards: Nuovo AUDITORIUM San Fedele. Due to the big success of the last year, we had to think of a larger space to accommodate all of our audiences. “The Nuovo Auditorium San Fedele was inaugurated Sunday, October 10, 2016, from Sharoun Ensemble (soloists of the Berliner Philharmoniker) in a Milano Music Festival concert.

After the intervention of upgrading acoustics, the hall is now well known for its sound qualities that make it appropriate for chamber music concerts, opera, and electronics“. (- from Nuovo Auditorium San Fedele web site)

This wonderful place will welcome our generous members of the audience, who will help us give out the SPECIAL AUDIENCE AWARD. We hope to see you all there!

Nuovo Auditorium San Fedele: the place and the story

Nuovo Auditorium San Fedele

Sede della Serata di Gala e Premiazioni