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7th International competition for non-professional pianists over 40

19/23 October 2021 Milan

Why our competition for amateur pianists is different from all the others

There are many competitions dedicated to ``amateurs``, but ours remains the only one dedicated to non-professionals over 40, who participate divided into categories according to age groups.

We have reached the seventh edition and start again this year with the prestigious location of Auditorium San Fedele for the Gala Evening and Awards. The first idea remains the basis of our motivation and stays to animate the spirit of the beginning: this is a human adventure almost more than music, a journey in the passion for piano that still lasts despite everything.

We never forget our “convivial” mood and at the same time, we know now for certain that no professional does not mean “amateur” in the sense of the term demeaning. “Amateurs” is someone who loves, loves totally unlimited.

2014/2018 • Five years together

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Sappiamo che non è un momento facile ed è difficile ritrovare lo spirito giusto per augurare buone feste, ma il senso del Natale è anche questo: che dopo l’inverno arriva sempre la primavera, è l’equilibrio naturale delle cose. Quando la terra è piatta, spoglia e fredda, sotto sta rinascendo la vita.
Abbiamo scelto adesso per confermare non solo il concorso del 2021, ma annunciare le date precise: dal 19 al 23 ottobre a Milano. Che sia un anno colmo di studio del pianoforte e di musica!

We know that it is not an easy time and it is difficult to find the right mood to wish happy holidays, but the meaning of Christmas is also this: after winter, spring always comes, it is the natural balance of things. When the earth is flat, bare, and cold, life is reborn below.
We have chosen now to confirm not only the 2021 competition but to announce the precise dates: from 19 to 23 October in Milan. May it be a year full of piano study and music!
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